Isaac & Roman – 9 Days Old!

Double the trouble, double the fun! Meet Isaac and his twin brother Roman…the first set of twins I have had the privilege of photographing. I am so thankful that my friend Lisa and her family were so patient during their in-home photo shoot. Even with very little sunlight peeking through the windows…I think we were able to get some good shots.

Isaac (left) & Roman (right) with their big sister Gwen and brother Tommy.

Isaac, Roman and their siblings

Meet Isaac…


Meet Roman…


A few more of Roman while Isaac was eating.


All you need is…

Two peas in a pod…
Two Peas

Two Peas

Two Peas

The Boys… each on their own blanket their mom made for them.

The boys

The boys

I am hoping I will get more opportunities to photograph this beautiful family as they grow.


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Thanks so much ❤

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