Blessings for Baby Abigail

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this wonderful family to celebrate the baptism of their daughter. Hiring a photographer when the whole family will be together for a special event is a wonderful way to obtain updated family photos. Here are a few that I captured that day.


Such a beautiful little girl!

Abby is lucky to have these two guys for brothers, they just adore her.

Grandma sneaking kisses.

Grandma and grandpa with all of their grand kids.

What a lucky little girl to have all of these people share her special day.

And, they thought they were done with pictures.

Dad and his boys.

Mommy and her little girl.

What a perfect family!

Abby was done with photos. But, I managed to sneak a few in the heirloom dress that was her mom’s christening gown.

Abby and her godparents.

What a beautiful day for a beautiful little girl!

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