Around the House

It is no secret. I love to take pictures! And, boy do I take a lot of them. Thank goodness for digital technology.

Even though I take many photos, I often do not have time to share them.

Here are some photos using available light around my house. I say “available light” since I have shadows and highlights but…     I Love Them!

They allow me to capture my silly 3-year-old just being herself. I also took a few pics of our lazy puppy, Miss Maggie, and our old man kitty, Mr. Oreo.

I encourage more parents to walk around their house and look for a favorite chair, or a favorite corner, and just take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Goofy faces, pouty faces, puppy faces and kitty faces.

Take a moment to capture a moment in time. You won’t regret it!

Here is a moment of my time.

I see you!

Baby blue eyes
One of my favorites
Being silly
Here is a pouty face. A three-year-old is full of emotion. Moods change on a dime.

Pouty facy
I love this face!
Silly again!

Silly girl
I see Maggie.

I see you
I love puppy noses.
Puppy nose
If you visit, this is Maggie’s spot. Across two, maybe three cushions.
So sleepy
I see a kitty in a condo.
Kitty in a condo

Now, I introduce Miss Yogurt Face.
Miss yogurt face...
Miss yogurt face...
Miss yogurt face...
My husband asked me why I took pictures of her with such a messy face. My response, “Why not? I do not want to forget a thing! Not even a messy face!” =)

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