Kia – Class of 2021

I am so grateful that we were able to soak up all the colors of fall during Kia’s senior session.
Kia was a natural in front of my camera. I loved every photo from this session.

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A Mother’s Love…

Every year I am blessed to have some AMAZING moms in NEPA ask me to take their Mother’s Day photos. Here is a small sample of some of those photos. Capturing the love between a mom and child makes my heart happy.




Von Bergen













Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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Sunshine and Smiles

The second child. It seems as if the number of photos I have of her is only about a 1/4 of what I have of her big sister. So, I try to make a point of pulling out my camera.

This quick photo session of Ellie as she was playing in the yard only took 10 minutes.

Seriously. 10 minutes.

Any longer and I would have never been able to keep a walking 1-year-old contained by myself.

So, when you feel like you need some updated photos of your kiddo… take 10 minutes and snap some. Go to the park or just play in the back yard. You might be amazed at what you can capture. Nothing staged or posed….just life.

I am so thankful I took the time to get a few updated photos of my Ellie.

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Sam I Am {Newborn}

At home family sessions are definitely one of my favorite to capture…especially when they involve a newborn.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Sam. What a super sweet, snuggly, baby boy!

Of course, the name Sam immediately made me think of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books…Green Eggs and Ham.

Please enjoy a little peek from our session.

Happy New Year…at the end of January!

Wow! I can’t believe that January is almost over. That means that Spring is on its way…Yeah!

It has been months since I have posted but I honestly have a very good reason.

With Spring also comes a new arrival in the Gibbs household. I am due with my second baby girl at the end of March and her arrival has kept me super-busy.

I had planned to post a bunch of my late summer/fall photos that I captured before the New Year. But, of course…that did not happen. So, I am hoping to play catch-up now before our little one arrives.

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far! ❤ ❤ ❤

4th of July Fun with Friends

It has been over a week since we celebrated 4th of July festivities with our good friends Sarah & Chris (and their family) and I am finally pulling the photos off of my camera.

Our 4th of July was filled with yummy food, a fire pit for warmth (and smores)…and fireworks!!!

This was the first time my daughter actually held a sparkler so I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

One thing I will say….
It is very hard to capture kids…in motion…at night… with sparklers. =)

But, after this experience…I bought extra sparklers. It is definitely too much fun to do only once a year.

I hope you enjoy our fun.


Kara with sparklers.



Kara’s brother, Owen, with sparklers.

OwenThis photo looks magical to me.


My daughter, Lucy, with sparklers for the first time.

Lucy's first time with sparklers





My hubby joined in on the fun!
My hubby

My hubby

This is my awesome friend and our host, Sarah.


On a chilly night, a fire pit is a must!
Fire pit... it was great for warming up. And, for smores!!!

Fire pit... it was great for warming up. And, for smores!!!
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Thanks so much!

Blessings for Baby Abigail

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this wonderful family to celebrate the baptism of their daughter. Hiring a photographer when the whole family will be together for a special event is a wonderful way to obtain updated family photos. Here are a few that I captured that day.


Such a beautiful little girl!

Abby is lucky to have these two guys for brothers, they just adore her.

Grandma sneaking kisses.

Grandma and grandpa with all of their grand kids.

What a lucky little girl to have all of these people share her special day.

And, they thought they were done with pictures.

Dad and his boys.

Mommy and her little girl.

What a perfect family!

Abby was done with photos. But, I managed to sneak a few in the heirloom dress that was her mom’s christening gown.

Abby and her godparents.

What a beautiful day for a beautiful little girl!

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Early Spring Fun!

About 2 months ago I took my daughter to Nay Aug Park to explore and to jump in the puddles with her new rain boots. This is when I try to not be “the photographer” and I try to just go with the flow capturing fun moments with my girl. That is, when I am not walking in the puddles with her.

So, do not expect perfect lighting, perfect poses or perfect camera settings. Just a mom… having fun with her kiddo. Here are some pics from our day!


First a quick stop in the tree house.


Now it is time to look for puddles. There were not many here but running in the water is fun.

Checking out the beach chairs.

I call this look the “Mom, not ANOTHER photo” look.

A photo merge of Lucy running, stopping, and then running again, through her first puddle.

A soggy stop at the pavilion. I really love this pavilion and plan on shooting here more this summer. Even though she reminds me all the time that she is a big girl, she still looks so tiny here.

Look mom, an acorn cap!

Then, we found a larger puddle.

A larger puddle means… water in our boots and mud on our pants.

And, an even larger puddle.

Treading carefully.

More water in her boots.

Time to JUMP!

And… JUMP…


She looks so sweet here. So peaceful. My little angel.

Checking out the “damage”. Boy, did she have a lot of water in her boots. But, it was a fun day!


I hope you enjoyed looking at photos of our day. Now, get outside and capture some memories of your own!

An Egg-cellent Day

In the mix of capturing memories for other folks, I often forget to take photos of my little girl. Well, other than with my cell phone.

We took the time one afternoon to get my daughter dressed up in her Easter dress and to just have fun in an open field. I love these photos and will cherish them as she gets older. Enjoy!

Before we left, Lucy wanted a few photos with Maggie. But, in this photo, you can see Maggie snubbing me too.
Even though they are only a few shots in front of our Rhoda… they are still sweet.

Just a tad windy.

Maggie is so gentle with Lucy. She has been keeping an eye on “her baby” since she was born.

Kisses. I can just feel the love.

Hint: when you are trying to take Easter photos…you shouldn’t start by giving your child a basket of plastic eggs. Even if you tell them they are empty…they still need to check.

Always posing…

I see Mr. Bunny!

My daughter loves “Despicable Me” and actually posed while saying this to me.

Now, time for some field shots.

This is her princess pose.

And of course, if she is posing like a princess…she needs to start singing. Since you can’t hear her, it went like this.. “Let it Go! Let it Go!…”

She dropped and then found an egg. I love her face in these two shots.

All smiles for mommy.

Sometimes a little bit of wind is a good thing.

Little Miss Attitude.

Singing again…

Look mom, I can fly.

If you are interested in capturing moments like this with your family, send me a message.

Easter Fun with Four Little Ones

I had the privilege of meeting up with this beautiful family the other day to shoot some Easter photos.

It was a bit chilly but we still captured some fun shots.


Easter outfits and Easter bunnies.

Easter outfits and Easter bunnies.A big kiss from his big sister.

I just love photographing siblings. How sweet are these two!

Now, it’s time for the little ones. Two little twinnos in baskets…with HATS!!!

Two little bunnies in a basket.

Have a Happy Easter!!!