Studio Fun

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to catch up with my good friend and fellow photographer, Sarah Hall, from Sarah Hall Photo. We are both natural light photographers, experimenting with studio lighting. Here are a few photos I took of my daughter, Lucy, while we played around with studio lighting.

She’s sweet…

My angel

And silly…

Always acting silly...

Growing up way too fast.

Yet growing up too fast

She already loves to pose. Showing off her sparkle heart on her jeans…

A little pop of color…

Just a little pop of color...

This face melts me. I love this girl so much!

So sweet. A quick shot before she ran off again... It is very difficult to get a 3-year-old to sit still.Always acting silly. My little hippie chick.

Being silly
This is exactly how I will always remember Lucy at age 3… caught up in a book. She absolutely loves books. When we read her a book, she listens intently and then replays the story later. If it is a book we have not read her yet, she likes to create her own story from the pictures.

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The Blume Family – Santa in the Park!

So thankful I had the opportunity to photograph the Blume Family with Santa in the Park! I LOVE when I get to meet up with some of my past clients to take some fun pics… we ALWAYS have a great time!

By the fireplace

Yes, Santa gives noogies!

By the fireplace

Family with Santa

Time with Santa

Family with SantaSanta took Wiggles for a walk…

Santa with Wiggles
Meeting Santa is serious business… right Wiggles? =)



Santa - walking awayWishing the Blume Family a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

Isaac & Roman – 9 Days Old!

Double the trouble, double the fun! Meet Isaac and his twin brother Roman…the first set of twins I have had the privilege of photographing. I am so thankful that my friend Lisa and her family were so patient during their in-home photo shoot. Even with very little sunlight peeking through the windows…I think we were able to get some good shots.

Isaac (left) & Roman (right) with their big sister Gwen and brother Tommy.

Isaac, Roman and their siblings

Meet Isaac…


Meet Roman…


A few more of Roman while Isaac was eating.


All you need is…

Two peas in a pod…
Two Peas

Two Peas

Two Peas

The Boys… each on their own blanket their mom made for them.

The boys

The boys

I am hoping I will get more opportunities to photograph this beautiful family as they grow.


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Summertime fun at Claws & Paws!

As the weather continues to cool down, I have started to put together some photo books of our summer. One particular photo book includes photos from our trips to Claws & Paws Wild Animal Park.

We were lucky enough to have a season pass for our whole family. It was definitely money well-spent.

I hope you enjoy our photos!!!

Lucy’s first time feeding the Lories.

Lucy feeding the Lories

The Gibbs Family meets Blue. Blue likes guys…especially their ears.

Daddy & Blue

dDaddy and Blue

Just call him the bird man.

Shaun and the Lories

By the end of the summer, Lucy finally gained the courage to hold the Lories on her arm.

Lucy holding the Lories

I think he was smiling at me.

Off to turtle town. Even though we are hanging out with tortoises. Lucy enjoyed getting up-close and personal.

So many different animals to see.




This is Mr. Big. Not too bad shooting through scratched up glass using manual focus.

Mr. Big

Two photos I almost missed. I am just as interested in Lucy’s curiosity for the animals as I am the animals. Claws & Paws has been such a learning experience for her.

Checking things out

I often get them confused. But, I think this is George. The staff also calls him Chubbs. Again, through scratched glass. But, he was nice enough to stop for a moment.


Some very low-light photos. Here is a marmoset.


And a snake.


A type of lizard, I believe.


Lucy’s buddy. The river otter.

River otter

And of course….my buddy… Twiga the giraffe. Twiga is 18 years-old now. Such a sweet and loveable giraffe. Twiga even lets me pet his nose from time to time. Such a docile giant. We love him!



We spend a lot of time with Twiga.



Until next year. I hope you enjoyed our photos!

Lucy and daddy